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A good position amongst several currents makes Dunkle a favored stop for traders seeking to circumvent imperial tariffs. A natural harbor, Dunkle has survived longer than many other settlements along the fringes of Imperial control, and even boasts its own minor trading house.  


In some ancient time Castellus was a mighty keep guarding some rich treasure or ancient secret. Now it only watches over expansive fields of kelp. A treasure in its own right as the old keep’s cellars and dungeons now function as distilleries for this kelp, creating a salty drink called Castellus Krum. 

Imperial Harbor

There is no denying the beauty of Imperial Harbor, one of the few true cities of the Ursee. As a royal seat, House Crassus holds power second only to the Imperial family itself. Imperial Harbor is the destination for many traders who bring  in wood, fibres and other exotic products essential to the Northern Imperium and its subjects. 


House Mercius is owner of the largest iron mining and trading company in the Imperium. As a results the rich mines of  Cleftspire are slowly eating up the islands.  And while Cleftspire shrinks, the standing mercenary forces employed by its nearest neighbours slowly grow.


Local legends speak of giants throwing their spears into the Ursee, to create Shard. A place filled with secrets, where ancient mechanisms are often found amongst the shallow bays of this harsh environment.  House Borgia is known for its secrecy and has long provided spymasters and clandestine mechanisms to its allies. Making it a nearly permanent target of the Mancer Order.


One of the Mancer Order’s great vaults. Repositories of lost knowledge and technology. Their imposed control of all mechanisms and knowledge affords them great power. Houses of the Imperium, great and small come with requests for the orders assistance. Basilica also offers a perch to Seekers, those fortunate freelancers allowed to acquire ancient treasure in the name of the Order.

Oberon's Reach

The reach symbolizes the Mancer’s power and authority to investigate an if need be take on any royal house of the Imperium. It’s from here that it’s great fleets are equipped and send out on their expeditions across the Ursee. Oberon himself is the largest statue known to exist on the Ursee, it symbolized the Mancer Order’s eternal quest to liberate themselves from this world, just like the Oberon of myth. 


Each chapter the player gets to pick a new character and experience the next stage of the conflict from a new faction’s perspective. 


Defender of the people. No mercenary for coinage, wield your lightning caster and warbird to escort trading and fishing ships against pirates, kraken and other threats. 


Fly for the highest coin and work for whoever can afford your skills and the shiny new magnetar rifle you carry into battle.  

Imperial Freelancer
The Imperium always has use for those not suited to the rigid hierarchy of its fleets.  Free enough to achieve objectives, loyal enough to take the fall.

Mancer Seeker

The first on site as new relics are discovered or technology retrieved. Infiltrators and defenders of the Mancer Path, a Mancer seeker is always well equipped and dangerous.